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Awards Dinner 2014

On Saturday a crowd of 40 or so members and friends gathered at the Duncombe Arms to have a great meal (if you haven't dined at the Duncombe Arms recently, do so - it's very good).  After good food, wine and beer speeches were heard from Club Secretary Phil Masdin, 1st XI captain's stand in Andy Donald, 2nd XI captain Phil Gillett and President Michael Banks.

The consensus of opinion was that it had been an excellent year for the club with the 1st XI finishing 5th in the Tucker League Premier Division.  The 2nd XI finishing 2nd in Hunts 2 and achieving promotion to division 1 (tough cricket awaits!)  The Sunday team were by far and away the best team in Beds Division 1 but fielding an illegal player cost dear and the docked points dropped the side to  2nd and out of the promotion spot (only 1?)

Focus for the club will switch to fundraising for the new pavilion  extension and plans have been drawn up for it - it looks magnificent and something the club and players really deserve.

The awards for the 2014 season were handed out with Ian Donald seemingly taking, or at least accepting, 50% of them.  Congratulations go to all winners but particularly the youngest winner of the Clubman of the Year, Simon Donald for really putting in fresh impetus into the playing side this year, getting two overseas players and organising, from what I hear, a top class cricket tour.

Finally, many of us will miss him, some maybe not.  It will certainly be quieter on the 2nd XI cricket pitch as Russell Nicholson announced his retirement from cricket.  Thanks for being a stalwart member of the club Russell we look forward to your continued support from the sidelines in 2015.


1st XI Batting James Dallaway Ave 32.6 (555 runs in 21in)
1st XI Bowling Nigel Buckingham-Jones 22 wickets @ ave 9.8
2nd XI Batting Myles Cordeux Ave 40.5 (445 runs in 12in)
2nd XI Bowling Pat Ellerbeck 29 wickets @ ave 12.1
Sunday Batting Ian Donald Ave 49.4 (395 runs in xin)
Sunday Bowling Robert Lowin 16 wickets @ ave 13.5
Slater/Mack Trophy Most Field Catches Ian Donald & Blair Tickner 24
Best 1st XI Performance - Holden Tankard James Dallaway 80 v Wisbech
Best 2nd XI Performance - Worriker Rosebowl Phil Gillett 53 & 5 wickets v Barnack
Best Sunday XI Performance Ian Donald  108 v Eversholt
Best Development XI Performance Oliver Gadsby 57 against Langford.
Best Under 21 Player/Performance - John Gillett Shield Joe Colebrook v Wisbech 16-7-34-2
Most Improved Player - Adams  Trophy Owen Griffiths
Luke Knibbs Colts Batting Trophy Matt Rodgers
Paul Swannell Colts Bowling Trophy Matt Rodgers
Best Club Member - President's Trophy Simon Donald
Lyndon Price Champagne Moment Who shot Steve Warman? Old Eastonians
500 Club 2014

Exciting times at the club - are you the winner - or the seller of a winning ticket?  See here... thanks as usual to Nick Greenfield, all the sellers and buyers for raising important money for the club.

Date£20 (£100 on 7 Sep)£30 (£200 on 7 Sep)Sold by
Sunday 10 AugustTim Colebrook (004)
Brian Burgess (244)
Pete Colebrook / John Gillett
Sunday 17 AugustValerie Webb (158)
S Gillett (480)
Steve Baker / John Gillett
Sunday 24 AugustColin Croot (049)
A Tooke (220)
John Gillett / Jamie Fensome
Sunday 31 AugustBarry Cavilla (060)
James Dallaway 254)
John Gillett / Pete Colebrook
Sunday 7 SeptemberMichael Lubieszko (101)
Linda Warman (301) Nigel Buckingham-J / Steve Warman


Ken Darlow 1928 - 2014                  by Colin Croot

When I was asked to give this short tribute to Ken, my first thoughts were of his skill and enthusiasm as a market gardener and his talents as an all round cricketer but after talking with Sheila and the family, it became quickly apparent that there was much more to Ken than farming and cricket.

He was born in Gamlingay on 6th October 1928, grew up in the village and attended Gamlingay School until he was 14. His first job as an apprentice wheelwright at a local garage was shortlived and it was obvious from those early teenage years that his great passion was working the land and growing his crops. He started working for Reg Roberts Farms in 1942 and continued with him until 1967.

During that time he met Sheila [Sheila Cole as she then was] at a dance at the famous Waaferey, Lt. Gransden, which as some of you will remember was a collection of dilapidated Nissen huts left over from the Second World War on the edge of Gransden Airfield. It was, nevertheless, our social centre in those days and a popular venue for all our special events. Ken and Sheila loved dancing and with friends and colleagues met regularly at the Waaferey and later went on to raise funds to build what is now Lt. Gransden Village Hall.
Ken and Sheila married in 1955 and honeymooned in the Cotswolds---a honeymoon that was cut short , Sheila recalls, by Ken's insistence that he had to return for a cricket match that first weekend!!

They moved to Fuller's Hill Lt. Gransden to start married life where their two daughters, Jennifer and Julie, were born some 3 and 6 years later. It was not until 1971 that they moved to Cinques Rd, Gamlingay where they lived for 40yrs. Jennifer and Julie were married and Ken was very proud of his 4 grandchildren who all grew up locally and thought the world of him. After leaving Reg Roberts, Ken farmed land at Waresley for many years for his market garden crops and it was no coincidence that this land bordered on Waresley cricket field.

In the early 1950s, Ken had joined Waresley Cricket Club and for 30 years was an enthusiastic, versatile and talented member of the club. I remember playing with him when I was still a schoolboy and how much he loved going out to the Bedfordshire villages of Old Warden, Southill Park and Ickwell to play his Saturday cricket. He was a forceful opening batsman and scored a lot of runs for the club including several centuries, one of which was in the Smith Barry Cup [the top tournament in Huntingdonshire at the time] against a strong Warboys side which included one of the famous Edrich brothers. In his younger days he was also a quick and successful opening bowler and many local batsmen, like me, still remember bruised knuckles from Ken's famous "skidders". He also played cricket for St, Neots on Sundays, the NFU as a guest batsman and on several occasions was called up for the county team. He gained his coaching certificate and was always an inspiration to younger players. After his senior career was over, he continued to play for Waresley's 2nd eleven where he developed his leg spin bowling to devastating effect.

It's amazing how he found the time and energy to play so much cricket after a hard day's work on the land ---- even more remarkable to hear from Sheila that he also played table tennis, badminton, football, bowls and golf. He even won a golf tournament whilst on holiday in Portugal in 1981! His trophy cabinet confirms his all round sporting ability and is testament to his enthusiasm, dedication and fitness.
I also have to mention here that he gained a reputation locally as a "Mr. Fixit". Friends have told me how he was never at a loss when it came to repairing cars, tractors, rotavators, mowers, refridgerators and even boilers!! He was truly a resourceful and clever man.

Ken did not really retire from farming and playing bowls until he was over 80 when he and Sheila moved from The Cinques to their bungalow at Green End, where Sheila told me he took an allotment and continued to show his neighbours how to grow vegetables!

He was a truly remarkable man and it was a privelege to have known him and to have been able to pay this short tribute to him. To the berieved family we extend our deepest sympathy.


Vice President's Luncheon         by Ian Keeves

On Saturday, 21st June 2014, the Waresley CC Committee kindly invited the Vice Presidents to the club for a luncheon at the ground and to watch the 1st Xl versus March Town. The food and drink were most acceptable and the game proved very interesting, keeping us there until close of play. Waresley, having looked beaten, fought back and enjoyed a fine win.

In attendance were:
Colin Croot, John Duggen, Paul Swannell, Gareth Tomas, John Gillet, Phil Gillet, Graham Meeks, Kevin Cole, Roger Bullen, Ian Keeves, Mr Banks’s daughter, Sid Cole, Jack Letheridge, Mr Claude Banks

Thank you to all those at the club for inviting us and conituing to run it sucessfully.

Special thanks to Andrew Lowin who had the idea for the lunch and was chief cook and bottle washer.

Ian's provided some photos and also a commentary (don't blame the web-editor!)  View them here (1Mb pdf)

Colts report - Summer 2014                by Andrew Donald

With the school holidays upon us, we held our last official Colts Training and Awards Night on Friday 18th July. The weather behaved despite the forecasters warnings, and a good fun evening was had by 50+ youngsters and their coaches, whilst family and friends watched on enjoying the warm sunshine and the hospitality of the barman. We held some skill-based competitive challenges amongst the different age groups, then took a break for hot-dogs and drinks before the season’s awards were made, along with thank you’s to the club coaches, team managers and ground staff.

Congratulations to all this year’s winners:-

U9 Players of the Year - Josh Upton and Jack Foster

U9 Most Improved - Rhys Hicks and Archie Black

U11 Players of the Year - Sam Noble and Ben Saich

U11 Most Improved - James Cutler and James Ellis-Crease

U13 Batting - Jamie Baker

U13 Bowling - Thomas Crawley

U13 Most Improved - Poppy Safford

U15 Batting - Matt Rodgers

U15 Bowling – Matt Rodgers

U15 Most Improved - Brandon Baker

Good luck to those who still have league matches to play and hopefully we will be able to arrange a few interclub friendlies to enjoy too.

Well done to all those who worked hard to improve their game throughout the season. We look forward to seeing you all back next April!

Well done to our young cricketers & everyone who helped to make Sunday such a success!

Our two teams performed admirably and whilst Waresley did not finish the day “ tournament winners”, we equipped ourselves well and all the visiting teams were very complimentary that we were able to field two such able squads!!

A special thanks to those who gave up their Sunday to support the event by marshalling cars, marking pitches, umpiring matches, managing teams, running the bar etc etc,  and to the brilliant team of mums who provided  delicious refreshments throughout the day.

As you know the Tournament is seen as an important fundraiser for the Club – this year we made a magnificent £650J. Thank you everyone.

Hope to see you at Colts Training on Friday


Warman proved wrong again     by Chazz Michael Michaels

It's not good to dwell on things but seriously, Howton & Whyton a road, a funking road! FDC* Steve Warman's last competitive ton came way back in 2006, 8 years ago when the iPhone didn't exist, the internet was a new craze, the Beatles were still touring, sliced bread had just been invented and Henry the VIII sat on the throne. In short, it'd been a while. The 2006 ton is dubious to say the least** versus a team called 'Dummy Site'.

Waresley amassed an impressive 236 for 3, on a green, wet, variable bouncing track at the Theatre of Greens- including 81 from Steve Steve Warman. Just imagine how many they would've got at Howton & Whyton. Ashwin Reddy chipped in with a useful 40, his last competitive ton coming in 2008- Steve Steve Warman, take note.

South African overseas player Lance Washer scored 69, it was like a western movie 'Good, bad and ugly.' French overseas star Myles Bordeux also got involved, (He has a tattoo in case he forgets his name) blocking out for 22* off of 184 balls. The glue to the innings, as always, was the ever stoic Jamie 'Rooney' Fensome, 'Rooney did you get any runs?' I hear you ask...he did...he got 1.

With the ball, what to say, where to begin, the beginning perhaps? Jimbone got the ball rolling, Pat got spanked and Waresley's third overseas player of the match, and Indian international, Ashwin Reddy took 6 for 32. He claims he has two seven-fers for Waresley...ahem...cough...ball sugar...cough. Ashwin claims one of his seven-fers was 'For India.', this reporter's chin is itching.

Another cracking win for the second team. Another win made all the more impressive given the fact Steve Steve Warman was skipper. Rumour has it that he has stolen the beer mat that Myles Bordeux used to write down all of his cricketing knowledge, expect big things next week.

*Steve Steve Warman retired as First XI captain to pursue a career in Ornithology, he was clearly underwhelmed with Phillipě Masdin's luke warm response...

Steve: Huh… that’s odd… I thought that would big news.
Phillipě: You thought what would be big news?
Steve: Well there seems to be an absence of a certain ornithological piece: a headline regarding mass awareness of a certain avian variety.
Phillipě: What are you talking about?
Steve: Oh have you not heard? It was my understanding that everyone had heard…
Phillipě: Heard what?
Chazz: Phillipě Don’t!
Finally a report                by Chazz Michael Michaels

El Scorchio, roughly translated it means Steve Steve Warman is a massive prat who won the toss and bowled, or it means really hot- one of those two. This reporter forgets which is correct, it's hard to concentrate in the blazing sunshine of How Ton & Why Ton. Apt that the venue was named as such because two would be heroes bagged themselves tons, HOW you ask? WHY you ask? Who can say.
*Former Disgraced Captain Steve Steve El Diablo Warman may be the most astute captain in the history of the world, perhaps even the universe; in his own mind anyways. To his peers, colleagues, team and even his gentleman lover he is known as a different type of captain, a massive prat; a giant plonker!
Steve Steve Warman, the douche bag, won the toss and bowled, he actually bowled! No I'm not joking, he bowled, seriously he genuinely bowled! The oppositions captain walked off the pitching crying...with laughter, he said 'I can't believe it, that massive prat has won the toss and bowled, what a giant plonker!'
Now Waresley 2XI are a professional bunch, if nothing else they've got that on their CV's, and they took the news with serenity and good grace. The powerhouse middle order of Phillipë Maverick Le Pig Masdin, Lance Washer and Myles Cordial were heard to say such things as 'Spiffing decision old boy.' 'Well done Wobbly, you really are the people's champion.' 'You devilishly handsome cad Bob, top work.' Now all of this was in Steve Steve Warman's head, what was actually said was... 'GET FUDGED BOB.' repeatedly, over and over again throughout the day, in fact Cordial is still texting Washer about it now.
Some overs were bowled, Terry got spanked (And enjoyed it), Pat was boring, Washer was erotic...no wait I mean erratic...and eventually How Ton & Why Ton amassed 150 for 8, accordingly to Russell anyway, they actually scored 219 for 8.
Myles Cordial took a stunning hat-trick with the last three balls of the innings...Ladies and gentlemen, I have been to the Great Wall of China, I have seen the Pyramids of Egypt, I've even witnessed a grown man satisfy a camel. But never in all my years as a sportscaster have I witnessed something as improbable, as impossible, as what we've witnessed here today!
Enter Ashwin Go Get Me Tea Bastard Ready Brek. What a knock, his finest, his purest, his most brutal- class personified. Someone batted at the other end. Ashwin was merciless, screaming 'GAZPACHO' with every boundary blow. An oaf was holding a club at the other end. Ashwin was like a gladiator, 'ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED' he yelled as he decapitated a eighty-four year old bowler. A troglodyte loped around at the other ground. In the end Ashwin departed in true warrior fashion, trying to hoon a six out of the ground thus denying the fool at the other end a shabby hundred.
In the end the game will be remembered for two outstanding performances, Myles Cordial's hat-trick and Ashwin Ready Brek's stunning hundred.

*Former Disgraced Captain Steve Steve El Diablo Massive Prat Giant Plonker Warman resigned as 1XI captain a few years back to pursue what can only be described as an unusual dream. He said 'I always dreamed of being a human dart and with a lot of focus, hard work and energy I believe I can make it. Heck I could even end up on Wall Street one day.' Waresley CC have not heard from Steven since...

Colts Cricket 2014         by Andy Donald

Not cricket weather yet – but it won’t be long……..

Just  a quick “hello” to let you know we’re looking forward to a great season of cricket. We’ve entered six Colt sides in the Huntingdonshire Leagues  (2 x U9, 2 x U11,an U13 and an U15) and have a Development side entered in the Bedfordshire League. Most U9 & 11 matches are on Sunday mornings, with midweek evening games for the U13 & U15’s.

We will be beginning training nights on Friday April 11th (weather permitting). Please note the move from Monday nights to Friday nights for Colts Training. This season we have two overseas players, an Australian and a Kiwi, joining us, and they will be helping the coaches on Friday nights and offering the opportunity of individual coaching sessions.

A number of parents asked me last year whether I could ‘coach/teach’ the basics of umpiring and scoring to them, so that they felt confident to help out at matches. I shall be doing a half-hour session covering both aspects at each of the first 2 training nights (dependant on numbers), so it would be helpful if those interested could reply to this email.

This Juniors page is new for the website and we are looking for a  volunteer to supply the Web Administrator with occasional highlights and photos during the season. 

The club have signed up to the NatWest Cricket Force weekend, and we are looking for volunteers to help out on Saturday 5th April. If you could spare an hour or so that morning (10.00 am onwards) to give the clubhouse a spring clean, renovate the sightscreens, sort the nets and covers out, etc, etc, we would love to see as many as possible that morning…

Otherwise look forward to seeing you on the 11th.

Andy Donald
Youth Development Manager

The 2014 season is nearly here...         by Phil Masdin

So the winter is over and along the way England have mislaid the Ashes but at least all this rain will mean the wickets are nicely watered for the new season ahead! The annual Cricketforce weekend on the 5th & 6th April will get the ground ready for action and all are welcome to come up the ground to help with brush, spade or hammer!

After battling hard in the first season back in the Tucker Cambs & Hunts 1st Division last year’s skipper Simon Donald is ready to see if the young team can continue their development. Dom Farr has been out in Adelaide in his year out honing his skills, hopefully some of which were cricket related. He will bring with him two players from Australia who Simon has signed up for the season to help the squads and both are qualified coaches so will be up every Friday on Colts night to aid Andy Donald, Pat Ellerbeck & Co.

The 2nd XI have had a change of leadership with the combination of experienced campaigner Phil Gillett and young gun Pete Colebrook ready to led the charge and return the team straight back to the Hunts Division 1.  Pete is also in charge of the Sunday 1st XI who will be in for a tough season after promotion to the Beds League Division 1 but hopes are high for a competitive year.

There’s a buzz of excitement around the club to see what other new faces have been drawn to the Waresley by the skippers and embed into what is a great atmosphere right now. Waresley overseas favourite Myles Cordeaux may also be pulling on the cricket sweater for some of the season, as part of a European tour...watch this space

Saturday & Sunday friendlies are set for the weekend of the 12/13th April with the first Tucker game on the 19th April at home to Camden. The 2nd XI doesn’t start their campaign till the 3rd May at home to Alconbury. All fixtures can be found on play-cricket.

This season Colts Training will move from Monday nights to Friday nights – 6.00pm to 8.00pm starting on April 11th weather permitting. Over the winter more coaching courses have been attended and with the 2 Aussies to assist we’re ready for more fun and success for the youngsters.

Off the field, after completing his new house the club are hoping Waresley’s silverfox Kevin Cole can work his magic drawing up cunning plans to extend the pavilion. Just then the small matter of fundraising to pay for it all....

Captain's Log - Simon Donald's take on the forthcoming season

As we enter March and start leaving work before the street lights are on, it's an exciting time for us cricket fanatics.  Fixtures released.  Nets organised.  Australians arranged. Tour sorted. The scene is set for a summer of Nigel Buckingham-Jones' brilliance: Michelle Pfeiffer's, one handed catches, direct hits and cameos with the willow.  What more can he do?
It is a season in which we'll look to build on last years success of staying in the premier division in Cambridgeshire. We have strengthened well, securing the signatures of NCI top boy Tom Griffiths and young Brisbane talent Blair Tickner as our overseas player.  We know competition will be fierce as transfer rumours from around the league hot up, but we're confident we're handsomely placed to crack the top half of the table and perhaps secure a coverted european spot in the process.

Watch this space...

A note from 2nd XI skipper Phil Gillett

This year sees the 2nd XI travel to different and new grounds in Hunts division 2 after 5 years in Hunts division 1. 
The team is under new leadership of experienced campaigner Philip Gillett, ably backed by youngster Pete Colebrook.

With the fixtures starting on the 1st Saturday in May all the way through to the last Saturday in August, this completes a full Saturday programme of cricket.

The wonderful setting of the Waresley cricket ground and excellent teas plus the arrival of James Dallaway as our overseas player, we are all looking forward to an improved and exciting season.

Phil Gillett                        Pete Colebrook

Chairman's Report 2013

With expectations high, we maintained our position in Tucker League One with a largely youthful side. Simon has brought a great deal of drive and enthusiasm to the role as captain and had a fine first year as captain and we hope can continue both his and the team’s progress in 2014.

Sadly the second eleven struggled with getting team availability and as a consequence were relegated from Hunts League One.  But there is cause for optimism with work being done over the winter to hopefully make the 2nds once again a more competitive outfit in 2014.

The Sunday XI, under Peter won their league and now face new challenges in Beds League One.  So you need now to brush up on their rules to avoid any potential penalties.

Waresley’s Development XI fulfilled all their responsibilities but a number of games were cancelled by the opposition.

The Colts, led by Andy and Nichola with their respective coaches have had another excellent season, again providing much needed funds as well as getting a number of their players involved in senior cricket over the season so a huge thank you for all the efforts and benefits to the club.

We had a full year with the new nets but they have not met our expectations and Phil Masdin has been chasing this and hopefully we will have this resolved early next season.

Once again I would like to thank Phil and Jim for the sterling work in keeping the club on a sound financial basis, the team captains and their teams for ensuring that the club has not lost points or funds by keeping the reporting up-to-date and sent in on time. Well done to you all.


Roger has had a traumatic year, yet the ground has been kept in fine fettle by his sterling efforts and those of Terry Hayden, Brian Burgess and all of you that have assisted him during the course of the year.


So for the future, we as a club need to continue to look at how we can improve our facilities within the clubhouse (changing rooms, kitchen area, showers), as well as continuing to strive to improve the ground itself (scoreboard, sight screens, mowers etc), so we will need to keep looking at what we can do within financial constraints but we will need to try to raise some funds to move the club forward for the coming years.



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