Waresley Cricket Club

Est 1869, Huntingdonshire

500 Club 2013

Exciting times at the club - are you the winner - or the seller of a winning ticket? See here... thanks as usual to Nick Greenfield, all the sellers and buyers for raising important money for the club.


Date£20 (£100 on 8 Sep)£30 (£200 on 8 Sep)Sold by
Sunday 11 AugustC ShawCliff PennickJohn Gillett / Pete Colebrook
Sunday 18 AugustFreddy KhanSteve BellUnder 9's Day / Nick Greenfield
Sunday 25 AugustSamanthaTony GrahamSimon Donald / Simon Donald
Sunday 1 SeptemberJulie BuckinghamMark HefferlandNigel Buckingham-J / Steve Warman
Sunday 8 SeptemberLesley PageLaura CarterNick Greenfield / Simon Donald



Presentation from Lord's and Lady Taverners

The Lord’s & Lady Taverners came up to the ground on Monday 29 April for a presentation, following their donation to our brilliant new nets last year. Photos will be here shortly. You can also see just how many colts we get up their too!

Colts Cricket 2013                 by Andy Donald

Not cricket weather yet – but it won’t be long……..

Just  a quick “hello” to let you know we’re looking forward to a great season of cricket. We’ve entered six Colt sides in the Huntingdonshire Leagues  (2 x U9, 2 x U11,an U13 and an U15) and have a Development side entered in the Bedfordshire League. Most U9 & 11 matches are on Sunday mornings, with midweek evening games for the U13 & U15’s.

We will be beginning training nights on Friday April 11th (weather permitting). Please note the move from Monday nights to Friday nights for Colts Training. This season we have two overseas players, an Australian and a Kiwi, joining us, and they will be helping the coaches on Friday nights and offering the opportunity of individual coaching sessions.

A number of parents asked me last year whether I could ‘coach/teach’ the basics of umpiring and scoring to them, so that they felt confident to help out at matches. I shall be doing a half-hour session covering both aspects at each of the first 2 training nights (dependant on numbers), so it would be helpful if those interested could reply to this email.

This Juniors page is new for the website and we are looking for a  volunteer to supply the Web Administrator with occasional highlights and photos during the season. 

The club have signed up to the NatWest Cricket Force weekend, and we are looking for volunteers to help out on Saturday 5th April. If you could spare an hour or so that morning (10.00 am onwards) to give the clubhouse a spring clean, renovate the sightscreens, sort the nets and covers out, etc, etc, we would love to see as many as possible that morning…

Otherwise look forward to seeing you on the 11th.

Andy Donald
Youth Development Manager

Promotion for Sunday team

Sunday saw a great day for Waresley with Ian Donald scoring his maiden century for the club. His 117* not only was his best for the club but also the equal 50th best score for the club ever, matching Steve Slater at Poddington way back in 1998. It shows how valuable the extra 17 runs were as a round century would have only given him 130th!

Joe Colebrook continued his good success with the ball with 4 for 39 taking his tally of wickets this season to an impressive 59 at 17.1 - a clear 22 wickets ahead of second placed Terry Hayden and Robert Craze.

Waresley won the game comfortably by 110 runs and that secured the Division 2 title over Lutonian and a return to Division 1. The question is does this make Pete Colebrook the best Waresley captain ever with one season and one promotion?....

Well done boys!

League Table | scorecard vs Cople

Chazz Michael Michaels interviews Warman and Frederick    (3rd in a series)

The elusive Chazz Michael Michaels caught up with two Waresley Heavyweight Legends this week, let's see how he got on...

It's not very often a reporter is lucky enough to interview a world great, Muhammed Ali, Gary Sobers, Freddy Mercury, Elvis, and it's even rarer an interviewer gets to interview two greats at once, The Rock & Sock Connection, Ambrose & Walsh, Ebony & Ivory, Burgundy & Fantana. So it's a real honour to be here with Steve Warman and Laurence Frederick...

Gents, how are things?

LF: Really good thanks. Yo Bob I just bought a fresh Bentley.

SW: It doesn't matter you just bought a fresh Bentley!

So, Bob how do you warm up pre-game?

SW: [blank, annoyed expression] You ever see a lion limber up before taking down a gazelle?

Big summer for you guys, Tucker 1, new movie Pain & Gain, tell us what's it about?

LF: It's boring, but it's part of our lives. I'm just gonna grab this shirt, if you don't mind. Just watch out for the guns. They'll get you.

So, you guys are on top right now?

LF: Definitely. Yo Bob I sold like seventeen million records.

SW: It doesn't matter how many records you've sold!

Rumour has it Laurence that you're a little annoyed at the lack of opportunities with the ball of late?

LF: [heavy sigh]...[long pause]...I'M A PEACOCK, YOU GOTTA LET ME FLY!

You guys been busy recently?

LF: Alright I'm with you, yo check it out. You wanna go get diamond rings?

SW: It doesn't matter if the Bob wants to go get diamond rings or not!

Bob, there's been a lot of away games recently, are you looking forward to playing in your home town of Waresley?

SW: [Takes a deep, deep breath]...[Stands up, climbs onto the corner of the sofa in the Ritz apartment]... FINALLY, THE BOB HAS COME BACK TO WARESLEY...

Laurence you must be pleased with your recent awards?

LF:Man listen, listen. I just got two new Grammy's man

SW: It doesn't matter about your Grammy's!

So, you've been quite lucky of late?

LF: What? I just won the bingo bought a crib in Rio

SW: It doesn't matter!

Finally, Bob what's that coming from the kitchen?

SW: Can you SMELLALALALALA.... What the Bob is cooking?

Chazz Michael Michaels interviews Simon Blows     (2nd in a series)

This week Waresley's elusive reporter Chazz Michael Matthews caught up with Waresley old boy Simon Blows.


So Simon, how are you? [long pause]... Simon are you okay? [heavy breathing] Uh, yes sorry I'm fine, just very tired these days.


Oh really why's that? I bike. I'm kind of a big deal in the cycling world [Smug expression].


Okay, why do you bike then? I like riding the ten speed because it's fun, it gives me energy and it's a great way to stay in shape.


Okay, so how long have you lived in Biggleswade? Well I used to live in the city but I decided moving here would be a little more relaxing, a little more manageable and it's a great way to stay in shape.


What do you do for a living? Well I work for IET, it's not too demanding, the pay's good and it's a great way to stay in shape.


If you could name the Waresley Pavilion, what would it be? [Very, very, very smug smile] Hahahaha...excellent question. It'd have to be... The Simon Blows 205 Not Out Pavilion.


Why's that? [shock covers his face] You what? You've not heard of it? You've not done your research?! YOU DON'T KNOW WHO I AM? Kneel before the mighty Blows.


Okay, moving on swiftly, we couldn't help but noticing your upper arms are awfully smooth? Ah yes, thank you for noticing, I get them done regularly...It's relaxing, a little more manageable and it's a great way to stay in shape.

Waresley's batsmen perform Farr better in win over Sawston           by Chazz Michael Michaels

Apparently the dogs of Waresley had a game last week, against a Fantastic Fox? This reporter certainly wasn't present and definitely didn't get smashed first ball on his 'Trainers!, He's got trainers on! Boys he's got trainers on! I can't believe it, I've never seen a cricket player wearing trainers before!'


Anyways back to the real story, 1XI back in action against the talented Sawston bunch, after taking a week off. The game didn't start until 3:44pm, not because of the weather, not because the strip hadn't been cut, but because tossing a coin is harder than you'd imagine and catching it is even more difficult- FFDC* Simon Donald learnt this the hard way.


After being inserted, Donald went out to bat with his older brother Ian who was waiting in the middle. Uncharacteristically Ian was bowled trying to work a straight one through midwicket. Robert 'Let's go crazy,crazy,crazy 'till we see the sun' Craze ticked the score along nicely until he was undone leaving the home side 46-2. A pressure cooker situation, the away side with all of their peckers up and atom, the millions upon millions of Waresley's fans baying for blood, not even Fallout boy could save us now...unless...


Enter the D. The man cooler than Ice, GQ's Man of the Year 2013, a Nobel Peace Prize Winner in 2012-simply for existing, the Songbird of his generation, a man once quoted telling Arnold Schwarzenegger "To get down!" whilst at a local cinema watching Man of Steel (A film based on the D's life.), quite simply the match was set up for the D.


The younger of the Donald's, Simon and the D put on 106 at a decent lick, playing some fabulous strokes in the process. Simon eventually departed for 69, he counts while he bats, giggling all the way off. In need of quick runs FDC** Steve Warman was sent in to bat at number 5, walking out his nose started bleeding but none-the-less he soldiered on scoring an impressive 7 runs off just 17 balls, back on top Bob- this reporter hears Magnums going to blow us all away.


After securing all batting points, the D's mission was complete and he returned to 1991 to protect John Connor and find Max. A confused Piggy Masdin looked lost but was reassured by the D who said "Come with me if you want to live." Waresley amassed an impressive 203 for 5 off 46 overs.


A rain reduced target of around 160, or something like that? 99% sure no one actually knows how to work out rain reduced totals, pot luck. Early wickets were required and something special was required, something no man could achieve...A women however, the 9th wonder of the world, stepped up to the plate and took a superb catch, huzzah to Samuel L. Johnson. Early wicket secured. Another key wicket of a former AOC intern, who'd learnt from the best, left the visitors reeling at 17-2. When the comeback kid, Peaches, clean bowled the 3rd wicket, 24-3 looked to be spelling the end. A strong 90-plus partnership from one of the happiest wicket takers (Vince Vaughn) I've ever seen in my life put the away side in the box seat. Until...Forgotten man, forgotten hero, career finished? I think not... Russell 'Good Boy' Nicholson took a superb snare behind the stumps off the in-form BJ. (It may have been Donald behind the stumps, hard to say, pretty sure it was Russell.)


40 runs required, 4 wickets needed, away side still in the box seat. This match will always be remembered for the return to form of so many great Waresley veterans- Steve Warman, Phil Gillett, Phil Masdin, Russell Nicholson (May not have actually played?) and Lance Washer...This was Lance's first game of the season, he'd been away the last few years playing NFL for the Miami Dolphins, he refused to discuss his time away, all he said was that 'The laces were in, they were in!'.


Two quick wickets for the Washer put Waresley back in charge and they eventually ran out winners, BJ (3 for 27) and Washer (3 for 33) taking the bulk of the wickets. Another epic win that will surely cement the 'Crown' on hero Simon Donald's sizeable cranium.


MOM nominations: Simon Donald 69 runs, The D 66 runs, Russell Nicholson 2 catches and 1 stumping (May have been Simon) and Steve Warman 7 runs. The choice is clear, the choice is Wobbly, the choice is Bob.


*Future Former Disgraced Captain Simon Donald was appointed to the post this year after he claimed he had leadership experience, he said 'It's the f**kin Catalina Wine Mixer.'

**Former Disgraced Captain Steve Warman resigned from the post late last year to pursue his ten-pin bowling career, he said 'It all comes down to this roll. Roy Munson, a man-child, with a dream to topple bowling giant Ernie McCracken. If he strikes, he's the 1979 Odor-Eaters Champion.'

Chazz Michael Michaels interviews Phillipe Masdin    (1st in a series)

So we're here this week with one of the Waresley Superstars, let's get started...


What's your Name? Phillipĕ Masdin, people often mistake me for a Phil but it's definitely Phillipĕ. Oh those boys are so silly at times! 


Nationality? French, again those naughty boys think I'm English...Vive la France!


Age? You can't ask a girl that, okay what the hell...I'm 39, oh wait who am I kidding I'm 52! [sobs uncontrollably]


Favourite film? It'd have to be Top Gun. Although secretly I love Dirty Dancing, "No one puts Baby in the corner" Ah it just gets me every time. 


Favourite film character? Tom Cruise is an absolute stud muffin, "Take me to bed or lose me forever you big stud." Oh he's so cheeky! [Claps hysterically] 


Favourite kitchen appliance? That'd have to be a big old wooden Spoon, for stirring [winks] I just love teasing those boys of mine!


Greatest Waresley Achievement? Oooo, a toughie, oh you ask such tricky questions... [thinking] My big century, it made me feel so strong and manly, like a Gladiator, like a young Russell Crowe...[gazes dreamily into space]


Fook me or Fook you? Oh, you're going the right way for a smack bottom, and I don't care who knows it! [massive grin]


Peaches or Cream? You've got the peaches and I've certainly got the cream.


Favourite Waresley Player? Simon, definitely Simon, he certainly Blows... [winks]

Pollard, Pollard, Pollard...Harbhajan!                   by Chazz Michael Michaels

An eagerly anticipated match between canine and feline. The three big dogs of Waresley took on the Castor Lion. Castor were in good form after a Bank Holiday double-win. 


Lions are used to the jungle, which was useful as Waresley was most certainly a jungle (minus the broken glass) until 3 minutes before the start of play. The freshest of wickets cut, rolled and ready to go at precisely 12:57pm, Hazaar Mr T.


Vitas Cricket won the toss and unsurprisingly opted to bowl on a green wicket. UnDonaldlike, senior bat, Donald snicked off early doors to give the visitors an early lead at 22-1. Younger brother and *FFDC Simon was joined at the crease by Robert "Gene Steptoe" Craze and the pair set about rebuilding the innings. Steptoe, with a taste for run outs charged about left,right and centre and nearly ran the skipper out on 16 different occasions(May be less, may be more, hard to say- it was exciting either way). The pair put on a useful 50 partnership, Simon (40) and Gene (36) to leave the side 78-2.  


Another pressure cooker situation needed a man cooler than ice, enter the D, again. The D man worked well with the middle order and was involved in 6 partnerships; everyone wants the D. He finally departed for 34 and most of the "brittle middle order" (One of many great quotes from Waresley's soon to be crowned Hero Simon Donald) chipped in to amass a reasonable total of 170 for 8. 


Never far from the action, **FDC Steve Warman helped kick the total on to respectability with a well composed 0. Dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot...OUT! Or as The Sheikh saw it...POLLARD, POLLARD, POLLARD, POLLARD...HARBHAJAN! 


Newly formed rap duo, and occasional spin twins, Bucko-Craze set to work again with a tight opening burst with the new ball and Craze delivered the goods with two early scalps. The visitors pro and overseas really took the game back to Waresley and threatened to runaway with the game after that, until a champagne moment from the rap duo turned the game. They write the theme tune, they sing the theme tune and Craze took a stunning catch at midwicket to make it a two-man game. After bagging another 5 wicket haul (5-31), BJ was left wondering what more could he do? A fiery spell from The Sheikh, rattling the timber twice took the game right down to the wire. 


The final outcome a draw and probably a fair result considering Castor batted really well to dig themselves out of a hole at 79-7. 166 for 9, meaning 14 points for Waresley CC was a decent result and kept the dog ahead of the cat. Meow... 


*Future Former Disgraced Captain Simon Donald was recently appointed as 1st XI skipper when he claimed he had a new tactic that guaranteed results, he said "60% of the time, it works every time."

**Former Disgraced Captain Steve Warman resigned from the post late last year as he was simply too busy, he was quoted as saying "I'm moving in slow motion, feels so good. It's a strange anticipation, knock, knock, knocking on wood. Bodies working overtime, man against man and all that ever matters is baby who's ahead in the game. Funny but it's always the same. Playing, playing with the boys. Playing, playing with the boys. After chasing sunsets, one of life's simple joys...Is playing with the boys." 

A Tale of Two Trousers Being Pulled Down                   by Chazz Michael Michaels

On the road again...Waresley set off in high spirits only to be confused, again, by the number of college grounds and the merry-go-round that is home team cricket in Cambridge. After establishing that there are three thousand nine hundred and forty five college grounds, full of jumpers thrown over shoulders, and six hundred and twenty nine teams that all claim them to be a home ground Waresley were on their way and at Fitzwilliam. Is that right? I'm not sure?


Team be-friender and *FFDC Simon left both camps divided when he opted to bowl, a decision that pleased all of NCI "As they would've batted" and none of Waresley (This may be true, it may not, this reporters source was livid at fielding first). A good toss to win, due to a damp top, set things up nicely for the away side. New signing Sheikh Baqar Ali caused all sorts of problems and left several players stepping away to square leg, only to be confronted by a fired up Terry Hayden. Mr T...Hayden, gets his share of stick from within the camp, but he's a Waresley player so it's their right! After receiving some really poor and basic chirp from "senior" players at NCI, Terry proceeded to make light work of a top order struggling to find it's feet in the higher Tucker division. Terry picked up impressive figures of 3 for 29, including two in two balls. With the damage done Ali (5 for 28) and BJ (2 for 11) both bowled economically and never let NCI get on top. NCI reached 119, thanks to some poor fielding and dubious umpiring decisions (If you hit the ball, you're out no matter how many people you push). Donald and Ali the main culprits, we assume apologies are in the post.


Stand out moment in the field has to go to **FDC Steve Warman, a superb catch at slip using chest, hip, thigh, groin, hand, Donald, foot, other groin, thigh, back, shoulder and then eventually both hands. HAZAAR! Another MOM nomination for sure.


Simon was looking to continue this fine run of form and started in conservative fashion, nicking of second ball attempting to hoon the ball out of the park, only for another chance to go down. Senior batsmen Donald had an off day and another new boy Robert the 15th Lowin got a peach early on to give the home side a voice, not that they needed much encouragement. A pressure cooker situation needed a man cooler than ice, enter the D. A solid 50 partnership from Simon and the D silenced the home side and set Waresley on their way. A rush of blood saw the D depart and bring in champagne playboy cricketer Phil Piggy Masdin. Not in the mood to hang around any longer than was needed, Piggy and younger Donald Simon peppered the boundary and saw Waresley easily home, 3 down for a convincing 7 wicket win over basement boys NCI, who are the only winless side in Tucker 1 heading into June.


Scorecard | League table 


*Future Former Disgraced Captain Simon Donald was recently appointed to the post after he agreed to give Waresley his Axe, he was quoted as saying "YOU CAN HAVE MY AXE!"


**Former Disgraced Captain Steve Warman stepped down as captain late last year, all he said was "I can't fight this feeling anymore. I've forgotten what I started fighting for. And if I have to crawl upon the floor, come crushing through your door, baby, I can't fight this feeling anymore."  

Left A Good Job In The City                   by Chazz Michael Michaels

Luckily for Waresley a potentially long journey to Camden Town was averted as the entire team camped out with this reporter. Up bright and early the squad took in the sites of the capital, although last we heard the Gargoyle had been thrown in the Tower of London, hence his unavailability for two weeks. A campaign has been setup to free the Gargoyle from his captors, visit www.freethegargoyle.com for more information and to donate. The squad in high spirits arrived at Camden Market nice and early only to be told they were at the wrong ground, turns out there's more than one Camden. 


After a mad last minute scramble the team made it to Camden, Cambridge. Unfortunately the car park was 13.4 miles to the changing room so some much needed fitness work was in order. Exhausted, the only option was to bat first. 


Donald carried on from where he left off on Thursday night, his older brother also chipping in. The pair are breaking club records at a rate of knots, another fine 100 plus partnership set the foundations. On a very slow Camden wicket the pair struggled to convert solid 40s into big scores. Donald (42) out trying to force the issue and Simon (44) out trying to land the ball back in Camden Market. New boy Robert "Gene Simmons" Craze dug in with the D-Man, no name needed. The brief partnership ended with the D-Man looking to rightly kick on.


Gene then attempted to run out new man at the crease Frederick, could there be a power struggle in the Waresley middle order, similar to the feud between Derek and Hansel in 2001 that threatened to tear the club apart. Simon "Ballstein" Donald will have his work cut out trying to control his “We haven’t really got anyone reliable in the middle order.” batting line-up. 


Some late hitting from Maverick (22, 2x6's) helped push the total along and he was ably backed up by in-form man *FDC Steven Warman (19*). Waresley eventually reached a reasonable total of 173 for 6 off their 48 overs. 


A great start from new spin partnership and potential rap group, Bucko-Craze, saw the home side reduced to 28-3, what more could they do? A couple of solid Camden partnerships saw them take advantage of the new ball and really put the Waresley line-up under pressure. Forgotten man Frederick (2-26), sporting a new run up called Le Tigra, picked up a couple of late wickets to bag valuable bonus points for the Visitors. 


All in all a solid enough performance and momentum is still with the side. Probably 20-30 runs more with the bat or a little more discipline with the ball would've ensure another victory.  10 points picked up, 69 in the bag- ding dong. 


Scorecard | League table

* Former Disgraced Captain Steve Warman was forced to resign from the post late last year when he was involved in an unfortunate smelting accident, he said "I love Gold so much that I even lost my genitalia in an unfortunate smelting accident.

Midweek XI pummel Cople                   by Chazz Michael Michaels

Midweek cricket, a source of excitement and great success for Waresley in years gone by. A tricky away fixture against Beds League side Cople awaited the young, plus Bob, Waresley line-up. 


As always, Donald went out to open with older brother Laurence Frederick. Once the scorers had worked out which brother was which the game was under way. The pair started steadily, Donald especially cashing in with a host of leg byes. The pair began to pepper the boundary regularly and really get the score going, a few more sixes were added to the "The Waresley Super Sixes Big Gun, Big Dog Award". An impressive opening stand was ended when Frederick (45) was cleaned up with a ball "That would bowl him every week", this reporter isn't so sure about that! Enter Piggy...


Now we all know Donald, of the Ian variety, is quick but it was made abundantly clear when he physically ran French import Phillipé Masdin off the pitch. Phillipé, affectionately know by his peers as "Le Porc" was dealing in singles, much to his displeasure and an audible "Snap" was heard on his 12th COME ONE. With Le Porc off for a rub down, Donald was given a new unfamiliar partner in Simon Donald? Is that right? 


Anyways, the pair got going and Donald (70 not out) really started teeing off, a fabulous Ma'Hoola over Cow Corner the pick of his boundaries. An excellent total of 168 for 1 off just 14 (6 ball) overs left Cople with a lot to do. 


Dominic "Hagrid" Walker the pick of the bowlers with excellent figures of 3-0-9-1. New boy, Robert Crazy Crazy Nights Kiss did the real damage taking 3 cheap wickets. Cople probably would've been bowled out if current skipper Simon Donald had opted to run out half the team- this form of dismissal may need explaining to the skipper. The bails must be removed. In short, the bowlers made light work of the task and restricted Cople to just 64 for 6 off their 14 overs. 


Special mention must go to *FDC Steve Warman, not forgotten, for his faultless performance this week. A Chance-less innings (DNB), great bowling (DNB) and outstanding fielding (DNF). Great work Bob, back on top. 

MOM nominations for this one: Simple, Donald of the Ian variety or Steve Warman, the choice is clear. 



*Former Disgraced Captain Steve Warman resigned from the post late last year to focus on his pet detective business, he can confirm that "Finkle is Einhorn and that Einhorn is Finkle."

Donald Snr &  Peaches Gillett put Nassington to the sword   by Chazz Michael Michaels

These days Waresley seem to feel it in their fingers, feel it in their toes, rain is all around them and so the rain grows. Another beautiful week, followed by an abysmal Saturday- special thanks to the ground staff for working so hard to ensure this game went ahead. 


So to the game. Donald was sent into bat again with his older brother Simon ably supporting him, the pair are in a rich vein of form. The brothers set about some wayward opening bowling and really cashed in in fine style, putting on 129 for the first wicket. More importantly Ian's solitary 6 has put him on the board for the most coveted piece of silverware this the year, "The Waresley Super Sixes Big Gun, Big Dog Award." Ian went for a well made 48 while his older and skinnier brother continued to punish the Nassington bowling, eventually falling for 95, agonisingly short of a first 1XI hundred- tip of the cap none the less. 


Some late lusty blows from Laurence "Who's this Fredericks?" Frederick (26) and some very, very, very dogged batting from Phillipé Gillet (0*) saw Waresley post 200 for the first time this season, an impressive 201 for 6 off 45 overs. Unfortunately *FDC Steve Warman was in the news for all the wrong reasons again this week, out first ball, plumb LBW. 


After a lot of maths from both umpires and both scorers, Ian Donald assured his dad that he (Ian) was correct and therefore we should just get on with the game. Due to rain Nassington were reduced to 0 for 4 chasing 170 (A total that kept changing throughout the afternoon!), I believe the 4 wickets were credited to L Frederick (Much to BJ's displeasure!) and were all stumped down the legside by in-form stopper Simon "The New Iron Claw" Donald.


Atoning for his earlier Athertonesque innings Phillipé Gillet destroyed the Nassington batting line-up, a real stand out performance so far this season. Incidentally, just in time for Mummy and Daddy to see. Great figures for Peaches, 5 for 22 can only be explained by the frequent trips to the great JG's car to get in the "Oxygen Chamber". Peaches was well backed up by the ever economical Bucko who finished with 1 for 19. 


A great 140 run victory for the home side who are placed 6th in the league with 59 points, averaging nearly 15 points a game, keep up the good work gents. MOM a close call between Simon Donald (95 runs and 4 stumpings), Peaches (0 not out and 5 for 22) and *Wobbly Bob (0, out first ball).

Scorecard | League Table 

*Former Disgraced Captain Steve Warman resigned from the post late last year as he was fed up of getting given a foamy latté before each Saturday Tucker game, he was quoted as saying "Todd! Are you not aware that I get farty and bloated with a foamy latte!?" Waresley was available for a quote this week, "Damn that Hansel he's so hot right now." 

Stat zone: Phil Gillett's 5 for 22 is his 20th five wicket haul taking him above B-J in fourth position in Waresley history, three behind father John.  The top two spots are occupied by Rod Kerr (36) and Steve Slater (24).


Simon and Ian Donald's 129 opening partnership is the first (and only) century partnership by brothers for Waresley and the 91st highest partnership in Waresley history.  It's Ian's first visit to the records board and Simon's seventh century partnership, with Simon (95) narrowly missing out on his second Waresley ton.


        Ian Donald                    Simon Donald                       Peaches Gillett


1st XI get a soaking from March    by Chazz Michael Michaels

Another glorious week of sunshine inevitably produced a sodden affair at the weekend, at least up until 2pm. Ian Donald, ably assisted by his older brother Simon set off in steady fashion. The wet outfield hampering mighty blows, from mighty guns. Simon however did manage the only 6 of the day, from a filthy full bunger. At 65 for 0 Waresley were well placed until a batting collapse saw the side slump to 86 for 6, enter Crazy James Collings. 


Former disgraced skipper* Steve Warman was charged with controlling Crazy James and gave him good advice, "Run down the pitch as many times as you can and aim for cow." James did as he was told and ticked the score along nicely with the finest bat JJB Sports had to offer. Wobbly Bob was unlucky to depart for a gutsy 23 when he smashed one to a leaping cover. Bucko, BJ followed quickly after trying to emulate Crazy James and only succeeding to spoon one to mid-on. After Jim-bone Keys leant on his bat for a while Waresley eventually reached a below par 142 all out. 


A weather affected revised total of 128 was set and the openers for March set off in contrasting fashion. The left-hander playing for the draw against BJ and the right-hander blazing Terry Hayden to all parts. After a decent start for March, good work from Bucko (2-13) and Jim-bone (2-61) (Both are considering Cowboy movie roles) pegged them back and helped Waresley pick up vital bonus points. March eventually reached the total 5 down.


3 games, 34 points, a reasonable start to the season for Waresley with optimism for the coming months.

Scorecard | League Table 


*Steve Warman resigned as skipper late 2012 to pursue a music career and aimed to reform Chaka Demus and Pliers, he had brief success rereleasing "Murder She Wrote", although it only reached 56 in the charts. Steve now spends his time nestling in the Waresley middle order, shunning the limelight. Again, Waresley CC was not available for comment.

2nd XI fail vs Southill Park    by Champ Kind

The first league game of the season didn’t go exactly as planned for the 2nd XI on Saturday.  Robbed of skipper Jaime Rooney Fensome by a late call up from 1st XI premier, Simon Donald the batting already looked a tad… well, let’s call it fragile.  Luckily by ably losing the toss and therefore not having to make a critical decision vice-skipper turned top-dog Pete Colebrook managed to play to our strengths by fielding first.


“New boy”, thirty -something Simon Fisher who only turned up to the nets on Thursday curious about what people were doing so far from civilisation found an evil glint in Rooney’s eye as he was not only called into the team but press ganged into opening the bowling, uphill and against the wind… welcome to Waresley!  Fisher struck with his third ball and went downhill from there.


Joe Colebrook needed the downhill slope to make up for the winter padding he’s put on and bowled with a rare-found aggression in a top quality spell - he deserved more than his 2 wickets - both bowled middle peg.  Slimline Pat Ellerbeck was still subjected to calls of “fat-head” from behind the stumps, two more new additions to the team in Freddie Nickolds and Tom Baker (no, not him!) bowled well and showed some depth to a side missing a number of key players.  The score of 206 always looked too much for Waresley though…


And so it proved. The unusual opening partnership of Simon Blows and Russell Nicholson took the score to 47 before the first wicket with Blows scoring handsomely with mis-timed drives through the slips.  Nick Greenfield decided to open his account with an extravagant drive over the top for six and was stumped for his troubles, Charlie Lewis hung around but didn’t make much of a dent on the score.  Mouth Nicholson frustrated both teams for 30 balls before holing out too.

Only Owen Griffiths hung around with any purpose with 23 off 35 balls.  Fisher and Baker lasted three balls between them - you can decide which one got the golden.  So it left a trio of Colebrooks - Pete, Joe and father Tim umpiring to eke us over the 1 batting bonus point mark which predictably we failed to do when Quagmire was bowled and the team succumbed to 97 all out.  Luckily the rules have changed and we actually got 2 bonus points still leaving us bottom of League 1 after one round of games.

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1s XI humble St Ives        by Chazz Michael Michaels

After a week of glorious sunshine, Saturday was a damp affair. Newly appointed skipper Simon "The Dot" Donald won the toss and elected to field. After a rain interrupted first hour, Phil Gillett and Terry Hayden set about the St Ives lineup. Phil "The Gargoyle" Gillett finished with impressive figures of 4 for 26 and was ably supported by Hayden, who picked up 3 for 27. St Ives finished up with a meagre total of 122 all out, which remarkably included two run outs for Ashwin "The Doctor" Reddy. The second run out was as big a surprise for Ashwin, as it was everyone else; he was busy looking at "The Jag". 

A revised total of 120, albeit dubiously worked out, got off to a bad start with the early loss of the younger Donald. A solid 35 run partnership between Simon Donald (27) and Dominic Farr (10) steadied the ship momentarily before 4 wickets fell for just 11 runs. Senior star batsman, Phil Masdin, was quietly setting about his task while the wickets tumbled around him. Masdin led the charge with a 20 odd partnership with Laurence Frederick and another vital 30 run partnership with former *disgraced skipper Steve Warman.


With the score on 115, Phil Gillett was given out rather controversially, adjudged LBW when he'd clearly hit the ball, he departed gracefully and quietly. He did not, the air turned blue and the game became a tense affair before the classy Phillip Masdin saw the side home for a famous two wicket victory with a superb 44 not out. 

* He was removed from the post of first team captain, the only details provided were a quote from the man himself- "I can't believe I ate the whole thing." Waresley CC was not available to comment on this further.

Cricket Force Weekend 2013
Just a reminder that Cricketforce has nearly come around already!
We’ll be up the club next Saturday from 10am to get the ground and pavilion ready for the coming season... friendly fixtures start on the weekend of the 13th April!!!
Jobs for the day include:
  • putting up the nets including the mobile net
  • running repairs and painting the sight screens
  • putting the covers on the covers.....
Just come along and chip in for as long as you can ......Barry has ordered the bacon butties and there’s a free T-shirt up for grabs if you’re there on the day...plus Russell will have 6months of stories saved up to share with everyone...so something for everyone!

We need as much help as possible with is - it's really important we get as many players, parents and friends out for an important day.

For more info and to let us know you're coming have a look at the Facebook page.

We can't wait to see you and hopefully we'll have a good turn out and do some really important work for the club - remember... it's your club too!


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