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Stumped! Newsletter

We produced a monthly newsletter.  It was called Stumped! and it had all the results, write ups and articles that you could possibly want from Waresley Cricket Club in one month.  It was only produced over the Summer months because we let the writing monkeys have the winter off!  To view any past issues of Stumped! just click on the links below...

Stumped! is on hiatus.  The editor does not have enough time to do it.  If you want to take over the running of it then please let us now.  Otherwise Stumped! may be, well... stumped!

Stumped! Issue 1 - March 2008Stumped! Issue 8 - April 2009Stumped! Issue 14 - April 2010
Stumped! Issue 2 - April 2008Stumped! Issue 9 - May 2009Stumped! Issue 15 - May 2010
Stumped! Issue 3 - May 2008Stumped! Issue 10 - June 2009
Stumped! Issue 4 - June 2008Stumped! Issue 11 - July 2009
Stumped! Issue 5 - July 2008Stumped! Issue 12 - August 2009
Stumped! Issue 6 - August 2008Stumped! Issue 13 - September 2009
Stumped! Issue 7 - November 2008

Whilst the newsletter is on hiatus we'd still be delighted to receive any articles or photos for inclusion in the website.  Please email them to the
web editor.


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